Saturday, February 19, 2011

To start off, look at this beautiful picture of my mother!!  I am so lucky!! My parents are off enjoying their retirement in South Padre Island, and having some drinks on the ocean tonight!! Lucky them!!

At about 3 o'clock on Valentines day, Tim showed up at my door with chocolates, a teddy bear, and these beautiful orange long stem roses!!  What a lucky girl I am!!

Last week, I got to spend the afternoon with my awesome sorority sister, Sara.  She is getting married next summer and wanted to make something for her soon to be hubby.  We went to The Painted Pig which the the paint-your-own pottery place I made my teaspoons!

I got a Keurig coffee maker at Christmas, and since then Tim and I have enjoyed many cups of coffee and hot chocolate!!  So, for V-day, I thought it was appropriate to make us some coffee mugs!! I think they turned out pretty well, and I know they will be used a lot!!

For V-day dinner, we were graciously invited over to our good friend's, Jake and Erin's.  They were grilling, and we had a great dinner!!  They just welcomed in to their family a new baby boy, Ethan!  They now have two beautiful amazing little boys, and we just couldn't feel more blessed getting to know them!!  We can't wait to watch them both grow up!  I made them some cute V-day themed coasters.

When Tim and I went to Savannah back in Georgia, I was offered a job at the hospital.  We were so very excited about the move!! Unfortunately, due to bad economy, the hospital had to change the terms of the job, and I was no longer able to justify moving.  So, Tim and I are staying in Little Rock!!  I was just hired at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton, and have orientation on Monday!  I will be working on the weekends during the rest of the semester, and hopefully more after graduation.  Speaking of graduation, it is so soon!! May 21st!  I can't believe it is so soon.  I have a few big things still left to do, including taking my big exam to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist, and my senior internship.  But time will fly!!

On a final note, congrats to my cousin Joel and his wife Lora on their pregnancy!!  I am so excited for them!! I have such fond memories of all of my cousins on my Mom's side-- Heidi, Zach, Joel and Allison!  We are all gown up and spread all over the US, but I still remember all those summers at Green Lake!! Hope to see everyone there in the future!


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