Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My amazing girlfriends Erin, Danita and Brandy hosted a WONDERFUL baby shower for Cooper and I at my house.  It was so wonderful having all of my friends over to my house for the first time, and they did such a great job with all of the decorations!  My favorite part was a "wishing tree" where guests wrote their wish for baby Cooper on a slip of paper and placed them on a gorgeous silver tree (that I got to keep!!).  They also put their thumbprints on a picture of a tree as a sort of guestbook, which is now hanging in the nursery.  And let me tell you, those adorable little elephant sugar cookies were absolutely fantastic, and were completely made from scratch (royal icing and everything!) by Danita!  

I feel so blessed to have such great friends that care about me so much!  Enjoy the pictures!


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