Sunday, June 2, 2013

Well, Looks like its been about 5 months since I have been to the blogger world!  Why the long wait?  Well, this precious bundle of joy takes every second of my free time! And I love him for it!!

Cooper, 5 months old
My life has changed so much for the better!  It was worth every miserable second and every time of vomiting over the nine months to produce this wonderful human being!  It is so wonderful to watch him change and grow every day!

I'm also on here tonight because I'm going on my third night of no sleep.....I have a wonderful raging ear infection that is driving me batty!  My ear feels like it is about to explode and the ringing is unbearable!

I'm also coughing, and I'm trying not to keep my husband up for a third night in a row!  Poor guy has to work in the morning and I've been driving him nuts I'm sure.

Hope to get back to posting more. Haven't really been crafting much, as I've been spending all of my time with Cooper and at work.  But I have this AWESOME craft room and need to utilize it!!

Hope everyone out in the blog-o-sphere is doing well!!



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