Thursday, August 8, 2013

Well, I slept all day, got up and ready for work, drank a whole lotta Dr Pepper, drove all the way to work, parked in my parking spot.  And right on queue, my supervisor called to tell me that since I was the over time person tonight, they didn't need me and I was cancelled.

Man, oh man.  Great timing.  That moment when you REALLY need that extra income!!!

Oh well.

I went on home, picked up handsome husband and cute baby, and we went and had dinner at our favorite restaurant.  Then we watched Big Brother, gave cute baby a bath, clipped some doggy fingernails, and I tucked everyone in to bed!

Now I'm in the craft room!!

Messy Room!!

I've got a couple things to finish up for a swap I'm doing right now.

And then I'm going to start on some new curtains for the bedroom!!

I've had the fabric for quite a while, but I've just been too busy!!

Hope everyone has a great night!



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