Friday, January 10, 2014

Life has a way of speeding up, it seems.  I absolutely cannot believe it is 2014. Things that have happened recently?

1. Cooper turned 1.

Wait, what???

Yes, indeed. My sweet little boy is now one year old!! Walking, playing, blabbing, the whole she-bang!

2. I have officially worked at Arkansas Children's Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist for two years.

I am so blessed for the job that I get to do. It brings me so much joy to help children feel better. It is wonderful to have a job that you are passionate about.

After returning from maternity leave in March, I became very involved with the research committee in my department.  I began my first research project, and at the very last second before the deadline, I submitted my abstract to the American Association for Respiratory Care's 2013 National Congress meeting. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I just kept my fingers crossed!!  At the end of august, I received confirmation that my abstract had been accepted for presentation in an Open Forum, and that my project would be published in October!!  This was wonderful news, and I had an amazing time in November presenting and attending meetings in Anaheim, California.

Also, during this time, I applied for a new position that came open in the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  This position was for a respiratory therapist who was interested in participating in clinical trial research. Well, this wounded like a great opportunity, so I applied!,

I get to begin my new journey as a Clinical Research Associate on February 3rd.

I will miss direct patient care, but I am so excited about this next step in my career.  I will also work in direct patient care one day a month, to keep up all of my clinical skills, and to play with all the kiddos!

3. Last but not least, one of my good friends has finally convinced me to open up shop.  This is an idea that I have toyed with ever since I started college.  I have sold various items that I have knitted or crocheted over the years.  At one point, I even worked for a clothing designer, working like a mad woman to crochet about 18 hats a week!

So, when my friend approached me about selling a couple items, the idea resurfaced! With her, and many others support, my shop should be up and running soon!! I will announce more details as they arise.

4. (Okay, okay, I know I said number three was last, but this one is really important!)

I got bangs.

I will leave you with this cute prove Cooper didn't fall far from the tree, here is a side by side comparison of Cooper and I at approximately the same age.  I'm the one rocking the hat!

Happy crafting, y'all!!


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