Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, I thought I would give you an update on our house.  Tim and I were living in my TINY 650 sq foot condo with our pup Macy.  Okay, scratch pup.  Shes a 52 pound 7 year old pointer.  So needless to say, we did not fit very well.  So after I graduated at the end of May, we had already considered looking for a bigger place.  My parents actually found this house, and we closed on it June 16th.  I have provided pictures of what it looked like when we went to see it before the offer.  This is the outside looking at it from the street.  I absolutely adore how it looks.  We have a two car garage, it looks like it is separated, but it is all big and open inside and we even have a little area for a work bench.  The big "two" windows you see at the front are my CRAFT room! Yes, I said it.  I get a WHOLE room to myself.  I picked the bigger one with the high arched ceilings for my room.  I have to have room to be creative...hehe...  The smaller "one" window is currently our guest bedroom/put all the boxes of stuff we don't know what to do with room.  It needs work.  No pictures yet.  Pictures of the craft room will come soon, I must organize since I just got a new desk for my birthday (thanks momma!!).

We have a great big huge yard! Holy moly.  It is so wonderful being able to let Macy off of her leash to go run around!! She didn't get to do that at the condo.  She is the squirrel/bunny/bird/dragonfly/anything-that-she can-chase queen.  Oh, and did I mention yet that we got a PUPPY???? A whole post dedicated to him coming very soon.  He is the dog love of my life (besides Macy, and my dog growing up Buddy who we lost last year.....*tear*...).  So he and Macy just run and play and love every second!

Here is our living room.  We are so lucky and have a very open floor plan so that the kitchen, living room, and dining area are all open to each other.  Through that hallway you can see would be our master bedroom to the left, the laundry room in the middle, and the garage to the right.  Down the other hallway (from which this picture was taken from I believe) would be the guest bathroom and two extra bedrooms.  When you turn to your left you see....

...the door going out to the back yard and our dining area.  Right now our puny little apartment sized table sits there in all its glory.  It is on the list to get a brand spankin' new table that can seat all of our parents at once ( you know how expensive those are?!?).  As you can we we have a little bar area as well as an island dividing the kitchen and living room.   

Here is one of my most favorite of places.  I absolutely love to be in the kitchen to bake and cook (though dishes I'm still not a fan of....but really who in their right mind is??).   We definitely have a fridge now, and that door you see is in to our walk in pantry.  Every SuzyHomeMaker's dream.  

We got so many wonderful gifts for our wedding from our friends and family, and they have definitely been put to use!!!  Here is a trifle I made for the Fourth of July in a beautiful glass trifle dish.  I also have been dreaming of the day that I got my VERY OWN KitchenAid.....and with the help of Dillard's gift cards, my dream became a reality!! And let me tell you, this baby does a LOT more then sit on my granite counter tops and look gorgeous.  

I feel so blessed to have found a house like this.  I knew that I always wanted a house, but as cheesy as this really feels like home.  

Next post? Either about our new baby dog Cruz (who's not so baby anymore at already 40 pounds), or some pictures of actual furniture and decoration!!!


Christine said...

Wow that's wonderful!! Congratulations on your beautiful home. :) ~Christine

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