Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okay all of my fab friends out there.  I know you like "do-it-yourselfers" as much as I do.  So imagine my surprise when I came across this wonderful company called Sweets Cosmetics.  A little back story here, I went to junior high school with one of the co-creators of this business, Molly Dunkle.  Far cry from OMG we were tots BFFs way back when, but I did know her and we had classes together!

Molly Dunkle and Katie Barstow
So she and her business partner started this wonderful cosmetic company out of our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado.  They are all about making good for your skin cosmetics made with local products.  They have a fantastic website and you should check it out (Sweets Cosmetics for those who missed the link above).  They also have videos on their website promoting a Men's line including Man Balm (lip balm) and Man Bar (soap).  I would totally buy these for my hubby, not sure if he would actually use them, but I'm sure there are men out there who aren't as picky about which products they use!!  I am sure they have more products than listed for purchase on their site, and there is an email address you can use to contact them.  They are also on Facebook, of course! I am definitely down for supporting and promoting small business owners!

Congrats girls for creating this and I wish you all the best! I can't wait to place my first order and see what all the buzz is about.  I hope you go check out their website and order some sweets for yourself!


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