Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay, so my first attempt at extreme couponing went pretty well.  I ended up getting about 175 dollars worth of groceries for 45.  I decided to step it up a bit for my second one which took a bit more planning.  I got up at 4 this morning to make sure everything was in place for a good trip, and I was at the store at 6 when they opened.  Two and a half hours later and only one mean person (checkout lady saying I couldn't do this when it was busy, to which I smiled and said "Yes ma'am thats why I got here at 6 AM"), and I got out the door feeling prety good!  Here is what I got away with:

4 Large Dawn dish detergent
4 Mens Gillette body wash
16 Dole Frozen Smoothie Mixers
4 Oral B floss
4 Always thin pads
4 Tampax tampons
4 Carton Swanson Beef Broth
8 Axe body wash
4 Chest toothpaste
4 Krusteez blueberry muffin mix
6 Scotch bright dish sponges
5 Muffin tin liners
8 boxes Celestial Seasonings Tea
8 bottles Franks Hot Sauce
8 Viva paper towel rolls
8 Covergirl Lipgloss tubes
4 Covergirl Eyeshadow
76  cans assorted Campbells soup
1 gallon 2% milk

Total before coupons:   $410.82
Total after coupons: $210.11
Total % savings: 48.9%

Not to bad if you ask me, and there are so many things that I bought that do not expire, so we will not need to buy again for a long time!  I am pretty proud, and my stockpile is growing. 


Faemystique said...

how in the world do you find coupons to take that much off?

Suzy said...

It is a LOT of work!!!

And you have to do research to see what sales are going on and match the coupon to the sale item. Also, my local store doubles any coupon up to $.60. So if you have a coupon for fifty cents off my store doubles that to a dollar off. So say you have an item that is usually three dollars and it's on sale for two dollars and you have a fifty cent coupon, you could get that item for one dollar.

Like I said, a LOT of work!!!

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