Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorry it has been so long since I posted last.  Work has been a little crazy, and I have gotten myself in the middle of about a billion projects.  I personally like to do projects that I can finish in one sitting.  But I have been ambitious lately and have been doing projects that take a bit more effort.  The makeover of our guest bathroom has been one of those projects.  For a while it was just.....naked.  No decorations.  Very sad since you know.....guests happen to use the guest bathroom frequently.  So, since I had the day off work today I decided to finish decorating this poor little room.  

First stop is my Anthropologie inspired shower curtain.  These babies sell for about $140 at the store.  Not sure about most people....but I just don't have that kind of money sitting around that I can blow on a SHOWER CURTAIN.  So I did some googling....and found a few tutorials that laid out the steps to make this on my own.  Since I didn't follow one specific blog, I don't have one to give credit to on here.  Well, turns out I am a very amateur seamstress.  Having to ruffle 140 inches worth of fabric times ten...lets just say it was a job.  In fact I started this project a long time ago, got frustrated, and threw it in a corner of my craft room to collect dust.  Today I picked it up determined to tackle and finish it.  And I did! I get a cookie.  My point is, if you don't sew much, do NOT try this as your first big project, it will make you never want to see another piece of fabric ever again!! But, alas, it is finish and this beauty is now hanging with all its' glory in its forever home.     

From the shower curtain project, I had leftover strips of fabric hanging around begging me to do something with them. Fabric strip rosettes are all over the blogging world right now, so I figured why not.  Take your fabric strips, some felt and hot glue, and get your twist on.  I decided they would look pretty cute hanging above the toilet so I added some hooks and started nailing.  They look pretty okay.  Not sure they are my favorite, but for now they will work.  

Not sure if you can tell, but the picture in the frame is something that I made, and it is a fleur de lis.  I made it by using a thumb tack and punching the design through paper. The basket is holding some extra guest towels, and a cute ball with a fleur de lis! The basket also has the cute little design all the way around.  Are you sensing a theme yet??

Well just in case you didn't get it, I added these cute little fleur de lis door knobs on the cabinets below the sink to finish it off.  

I absolutely love that the bathroom is finally finished!!! I feel proud to have our guests use it now.  The next blog will be dedicated to the chandelier that I made and that is now hanging in our master bathroom!  

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was just admiring your lovely bathroom and had a small suggestion. You said you were so gung-ho about the rosettes? Did it ever occur to you to decorate the shower curtain hooks with them? They would look absolutely amazing above the ruffled curtain. Just a suggestion! :)

Great job and so inspiring!

Anna Mette Bladt said...

Your bathroom looks so lovely and inviting. Great job!

Taps and Showers Supplier said...

Brilliant ideas! You have done a great job with your bathroom. Any thoughts about taps and showers? Perhaps you can make a post about that soon.

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