Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have totally been neglecting my blog lately.  So sorry, mass amount of people who read my blog (teehee).  A few weeks back I finished my first chandelier re-vamp project.  It was so much fun!!  I had been wanting to try this for so long, and I finally found the perfect project.  While I was in Hot Springs for our State Respiratory Care Society Meeting, I stopped by the Habitat Re-Store that was right down the street from the convention center.  There were a few lights, but none that really stuck out.  That had been my luck at all of the Goodwill's and Re-Stores I had been to.  Well, as I was leaving, this baby caught my eye!  I ran away with this beaut for 20 whole dollars.  

The light bulbs were all really old and most didn't work, so I knew they would have to go.  Also, the cheap-o "candlestick" look wasn't doing anything for me.  Anyways, I took off all of the little crystals  and gave the chandelier a good rub down with some lysol wipes.  

After removing all of the light bulbs, it was time to get ready to paint.  You never want to paint where the light bulbs are going to screw in, so I took paper towels and smushed them down in to place.  I also papertoweled and taped the end of the wire, I didn't want to mess up the part of the lamp that would make it work!!

I bought a can of Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Nickel spray paint.  I wanted a paint that would match the hardware that we already have all over our house (remember its a builders new house, so everything is the same in every room).  It worked perfectly, and was so shiny in the sun!!  It took just a few coats, and a lot of different angles to make sure that every surface was painted.  

My dad happened to be coming by the house, so he showed me how to hook up the chandelier without frying myself.  Very important step--turn on the lights in the bathroom, then go turn off the breaker, if the lights go off you know the power is off!!  He and I went to Lowes and found a pretty ceiling medallion that we liked with the lamp.  Here it is in its permanent home!!  After it was hanging I replaced all of the bulbs (ones that had the "soft glow" effect to them) and I put all of the little hanging crystals back on.  I think it looks great, and LOVE walking in to the bathroom now!!  

Since we are coming up on thanksgiving, I thought I would just add a little note saying how thankful I am for my Wonderful Husband.  He is truly my best friend (and he puts up with all of my projects around the house).  We are so blessed to have the wonderful life that we have including owning our own home, and having our two wonderful furry children, Macy and Cruz.  

Macy, 8, in back.  Cruz, 7 months, in front.


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