Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some how I have been given this creativity bug.  I absolutely love being creative in every way that I can.  I think I get it from my mother, who is an amazing water color artist.  Now, I am not a painter.  Give me yarn, I got it.  Scrapbooking? Okay.  But not painting.

I was on my favorite site (craftgossip.com, totally addicted).  I saw this blog, sorry I forget who you were or I would totally give you credit, and I saw this amazing project.  Who knew crayons could be so beautiful.  Here is my new work of art.

I started out by buying a new box of 96 crayons (they are super cheap now that the back-to-school rush is over).  I used tacky glue and glued my lil heart out!  I kind of like how the Crayola symbol is all lined up.  

I then got out my handy-dandy hairdryer, and here we go!

It took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but pretty soon we were melting away!  I absolutely love how it turned out, and it is now hanging in my craft room!!  Nothing like a little color inspiration to get you in the mood to create.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, I thought I would give you an update on our house.  Tim and I were living in my TINY 650 sq foot condo with our pup Macy.  Okay, scratch pup.  Shes a 52 pound 7 year old pointer.  So needless to say, we did not fit very well.  So after I graduated at the end of May, we had already considered looking for a bigger place.  My parents actually found this house, and we closed on it June 16th.  I have provided pictures of what it looked like when we went to see it before the offer.  This is the outside looking at it from the street.  I absolutely adore how it looks.  We have a two car garage, it looks like it is separated, but it is all big and open inside and we even have a little area for a work bench.  The big "two" windows you see at the front are my CRAFT room! Yes, I said it.  I get a WHOLE room to myself.  I picked the bigger one with the high arched ceilings for my room.  I have to have room to be creative...hehe...  The smaller "one" window is currently our guest bedroom/put all the boxes of stuff we don't know what to do with room.  It needs work.  No pictures yet.  Pictures of the craft room will come soon, I must organize since I just got a new desk for my birthday (thanks momma!!).

We have a great big huge yard! Holy moly.  It is so wonderful being able to let Macy off of her leash to go run around!! She didn't get to do that at the condo.  She is the squirrel/bunny/bird/dragonfly/anything-that-she can-chase queen.  Oh, and did I mention yet that we got a PUPPY???? A whole post dedicated to him coming very soon.  He is the dog love of my life (besides Macy, and my dog growing up Buddy who we lost last year.....*tear*...).  So he and Macy just run and play and love every second!

Here is our living room.  We are so lucky and have a very open floor plan so that the kitchen, living room, and dining area are all open to each other.  Through that hallway you can see would be our master bedroom to the left, the laundry room in the middle, and the garage to the right.  Down the other hallway (from which this picture was taken from I believe) would be the guest bathroom and two extra bedrooms.  When you turn to your left you see....

...the door going out to the back yard and our dining area.  Right now our puny little apartment sized table sits there in all its glory.  It is on the list to get a brand spankin' new table that can seat all of our parents at once (umm.....do you know how expensive those are?!?).  As you can we we have a little bar area as well as an island dividing the kitchen and living room.   

Here is one of my most favorite of places.  I absolutely love to be in the kitchen to bake and cook (though dishes I'm still not a fan of....but really who in their right mind is??).   We definitely have a fridge now, and that door you see is in to our walk in pantry.  Every SuzyHomeMaker's dream.  

We got so many wonderful gifts for our wedding from our friends and family, and they have definitely been put to use!!!  Here is a trifle I made for the Fourth of July in a beautiful glass trifle dish.  I also have been dreaming of the day that I got my VERY OWN KitchenAid.....and with the help of Dillard's gift cards, my dream became a reality!! And let me tell you, this baby does a LOT more then sit on my granite counter tops and look gorgeous.  

I feel so blessed to have found a house like this.  I knew that I always wanted a house, but as cheesy as this sounds....it really feels like home.  

Next post? Either about our new baby dog Cruz (who's not so baby anymore at already 40 pounds), or some pictures of actual furniture and decoration!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, life sure has been exciting over the past 6 months!  Why, you may be asking yourself, haven't I posted a new blog since February??  Well, let me just fill you in on a few events that have happened!!!

I had been working hard at finishing up my final semester of my senior year of college and getting ready to take the big board exams.  For some strange reason, my wonderful boyfriend, Tim, stuck by me and my crazy self through all of the stresses that came with school!!  Two weeks before I had my spring break, Tim popped the question.....yes, THE question!!  We were lying in bed (yes mom, sorry, we were lying in bed), and he said the sweetest thing to me, "I have been telling you every day since we started dating that I was going to marry you some day, but until we actually do it, it is all talk.  So...want to get married in two weeks??!!"  I of course said yes, and we stayed up all night talking over the details, in anticipation of calling our parents the next morning!!  I did not want a big wedding with all of the stresses, so we decided that Vegas was the perfect place for us.

In the morning we first called my parents.  I think my mom had been expecting it, because I had been hinting that Tim was "the one" for a while.  My dad and mom were very excited, and were going to be on a long road trip that allowed them to come along!!  After this we called Tim's parents (who I hadn't seen since Christmas).  They were actually shopping in Little Rock, and I think we completely caught them off guard!!  We were so thankful that they were able to make the plans to come as well.  We didn't want to tell anyone else, because we didn't want people to feel obligated to make plans to go to Vegas in two weeks, and we wanted there to be a special moment with our parents.  We didn't even tell our brothers or sisters!!  So, then began our whirlwind trip to get married!!

So, after I took my dreaded board exams (and excitingly passed, I am now a Registered Respiratory Therapist!!!), Tim and I headed out to Vegas without telling any of our friends (except for D and J who lovingly took care of our dog, Macy, while we were gone!).  We were so excited, we could hardly handle it!!  After a layover in Dallas, we finally made it to Las Vegas were my parents picked us up from the airport.  

We decided to stay at the Venetian hotel because, well, it was our wedding!!  We had an amazing suite on the 32nd floor with an amazing view.  And guess what, our bathroom even had a flat screen tv in it!!  Whoa.  Both mine and Tim's parents stayed in the Venetian as well, so we were all close by!

Here I am with my wonderful parents the night before our wedding.  We had dinner at Zeffarino's which is an amazing Italian restaurant in the Venetian hotel.  

We all had a great time at dinner!!  And we definitely ate our money's worth of food.  It was a great time for both sets of parents to get to know each other (by the way, this was the first time they had met...)

After dinner, we all took a trip to the Las Vegas courthouse to get our marriage licence!  We wanted to get it the night before so that we didn't have any problems with it in the morning.  We were getting married the next morning at 10 am at the Chapel of the Bells (which is where Kelly Ripa got married, in case you were wondering).  

The wedding was absolutely perfect.  Talk about a stress free day.  I got ready in my room with my mothers help, and Tim got ready with his parents.  Then we all met at the chapel at 10am.  It was the cutest little chapel, and the ceremony was perfect.  Honestly, we were in and out, married, and with pictures, in about 20 minutes.  Now that is how you do a stress free wedding.  All there was left to do was eat lunch and tell all of our friends!!

After leaving the chapel, we headed to the Palazzo (right next to the Venetian) for lunch at one of Emeril's restaurants called Table10.  Because it was in March, the Palazzo was decorated with all flowers!!  Perfect spot for some pictures.  

Here we are talking to Big Jeff, one of Tim's best friends.  I don't think he believed us when we told him we were in Vegas and had just gotten married!!

We sent out lots of text messages letting everyone know we had gotten married, and with this picture of our rings!  Still, people had a hard time believing it!!

Here we are at lunch at Table10.  After lunch we all headed our separate ways, to later meet up for some appetizers and to see "O", the most amazing Cirque du Solei show I've ever seen.  It was the perfect wedding day.  Unfortunately, we had to fly back home the next day.  

Because we didn't really get a wedding cake, on our layover back in Dallas, we both of Cinnabon rolls, and shared a bite!  We just had the best experience ever, and are so happy to be married.  I did end up finishing school (my GPA was .1 away from graduating with honors....but who's counting...) and getting a full time job at Saline Memorial in Benton.  We ended up having three wedding receptions so that all of our friends and family could be included in our celebration!!  It was a perfect way to start our lives together.  We have now been happily married for 5 months!  

Next update coming.....our new house!!!


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