Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay, so my first attempt at extreme couponing went pretty well.  I ended up getting about 175 dollars worth of groceries for 45.  I decided to step it up a bit for my second one which took a bit more planning.  I got up at 4 this morning to make sure everything was in place for a good trip, and I was at the store at 6 when they opened.  Two and a half hours later and only one mean person (checkout lady saying I couldn't do this when it was busy, to which I smiled and said "Yes ma'am thats why I got here at 6 AM"), and I got out the door feeling prety good!  Here is what I got away with:

4 Large Dawn dish detergent
4 Mens Gillette body wash
16 Dole Frozen Smoothie Mixers
4 Oral B floss
4 Always thin pads
4 Tampax tampons
4 Carton Swanson Beef Broth
8 Axe body wash
4 Chest toothpaste
4 Krusteez blueberry muffin mix
6 Scotch bright dish sponges
5 Muffin tin liners
8 boxes Celestial Seasonings Tea
8 bottles Franks Hot Sauce
8 Viva paper towel rolls
8 Covergirl Lipgloss tubes
4 Covergirl Eyeshadow
76  cans assorted Campbells soup
1 gallon 2% milk

Total before coupons:   $410.82
Total after coupons: $210.11
Total % savings: 48.9%

Not to bad if you ask me, and there are so many things that I bought that do not expire, so we will not need to buy again for a long time!  I am pretty proud, and my stockpile is growing. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here in Arkansas, Fall has finally (in my opinion) arrived.  When I get up in the mornings to go to work, I finally feel that crispness in the air.  The feeling where a nice warm sweatshirt and a cup of hot tea sounds like just the right thing.  Halloween is almost here, and most are putting out their decorations and gearing up for the soon to come candy raid.  As I do not have any Halloween decorations, and we will not be home for aforementioned candy raid, I decided to do a fall wreath in honor of what matters most here in Arkansas: The Hogs.  Now, to outsiders, it may seem strange....crazy even, the amount of attention one football team generates.  I too thought it was pretty crazy when I first moved here.  But there is something about those razorbacks that just gets you in the mood for football team spirit.  I have thoroughly become a Hogs fan, and can't wait till we start producing our own little Godbold Quarterbacks (and maybe one ballerina).  

The wreath that I made was SUPER SIMPLE.  The best kind of craft if you are like me and like to sit down and finish a project in 1 hour or less.  That is all this wreath took including the trip down the road to the store to get some supplies.  I picked up a 14 inch foam wreath, three rolls of tulle ribbon, and a clear wreath holder for the door.  I already had the chip board to make the words, but if you don't have any stop by your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or craft section of your local Walmart (granted it isn't one of the stores that has done away with the craft  Some scissors and a yard stick (or ruler) and I was ready to go!  

I started by measuring out strips of the tulle and cutting them all at 18 inches.  Feel free to make them any length that you want, get creative! I wanted a very uniform look for this wreath, so I made sure to measure.  I counted out certain amounts for each color section because again, I was going for that uniform look.  The more of one color you place together, the thicker the color block will be.  Or be crazy and only use one color.  Have fun with it! It is going to be on YOUR front door!!

Next step is pretty easy.  Fold the tulle strip that you cut in half.  Ta-da!

Bring the tulle under the foam ring with the loop coming to the center.

 Tuck the ends of the tulle through the loop that you made when you folded it in half, and pull tight.  Our front door is pretty hidden from any elements like wind, but if your door isn't I might suggest putting a dab of hot glue to secure, or even using a pin to keep everything in place.  

I used the remaining tulle that I had to make a bow that I would use to hang from the hook.  I geared up my handy dandy hot glue gun, got my chip board together, let it dry, and put it up!!  Had a minor mishap with two of the three dogs bolting while I was making my way out the front door, so if you have escape artists like we do, watch your back...they are just waiting for their moment to run.  Luckily Tim and I rounded up the pups, and the wreath was happily placed on our door.  

All I have left to say is.....

Woo Pig Sooie!!
Okay all of my fab friends out there.  I know you like "do-it-yourselfers" as much as I do.  So imagine my surprise when I came across this wonderful company called Sweets Cosmetics.  A little back story here, I went to junior high school with one of the co-creators of this business, Molly Dunkle.  Far cry from OMG we were tots BFFs way back when, but I did know her and we had classes together!

Molly Dunkle and Katie Barstow
So she and her business partner started this wonderful cosmetic company out of our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado.  They are all about making good for your skin cosmetics made with local products.  They have a fantastic website and you should check it out (Sweets Cosmetics for those who missed the link above).  They also have videos on their website promoting a Men's line including Man Balm (lip balm) and Man Bar (soap).  I would totally buy these for my hubby, not sure if he would actually use them, but I'm sure there are men out there who aren't as picky about which products they use!!  I am sure they have more products than listed for purchase on their site, and there is an email address you can use to contact them.  They are also on Facebook, of course! I am definitely down for supporting and promoting small business owners!

Congrats girls for creating this and I wish you all the best! I can't wait to place my first order and see what all the buzz is about.  I hope you go check out their website and order some sweets for yourself!

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