Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Going to the Beach Swap on Craftster is just finishing up!  I had a fantastic partner!  After reading what she wanted, and looking at her pinterest, I decided to go with a couple crocheted pieces.  I made her a bikini top (following Sara's Pattern, except not making the bottoms), and I made her some sandals using Julie's Pattern.  Check out the pictures!

In return, my partner sent me an awesome package!!  She made me a kindle cover, a matching tote bag, a cute zipper bag that she embroidered by hand (love!! can't wait to put my sunglasses and other essentials in!), and she made an amazing necklace!!!  I am headed to the beach next week, and all of these items will be coming with me!!!

Another successful craftster swap for the books!

Happy crafting, y'all!!


LimeRiot said...

How neat!! I love the bikini top. What a cool idea.

Yay for a happy Craftster swap!!

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