Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, here is my first review of a product I got at the EK Success Fork and Talk!!

This just happened to be the first thing that I pulled out of my EK Success goody bag.  Its like it was calling my name, waiting for me to review it.  It was super easy to use, in fact the hardest part was figuring out how to unlock the punch.

In case you can't figure it out either, there is a little pink slider on the bottom.  You need to slide it towards the bottom of the punch. Mine was pretty tough to get undone, but you will get it, I promise!!

Okay so here is how you start.  Take a sheet of 12 x 12 and insert in to the punch.  There is a little black mark....see it there?  Line your paper up and give it a punch!

It makes a cute little row of four petals.
Slide the petals over and line them up with the print on the punch.  This helps make sure you will have evenly spaced petals all the way across.


Keep punching until you get all the way across the page.  Punch as many strips as you'd like, the more you punch, the fuller your flowers will look in the end.

For this flower I did three different colors.

You can use some glue to layer the strips.  If you overlap the petals/spaces between, it again helps to make the flower seem more full.

Then, take a pencil, pen, anything really, and roll the strips up.

I used tacky glue to secure the end to the roll.  I love tacky glue.

After the glue has dried, fold the petals back as far as you want to open up your flower.  Start with the outside of the flower and work to the inside.  It is really easy and I promise the flower will take shape.

And, drum roll please......!
Here is my finished flower!!
Can't wait to make some more, might even make a door hanging for fall! So many ideas!


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