Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today I went on an adventure to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Benton (check them out at http://www.habitatsalinecounty.com/).  It is such a great little place to go in to, and everything there is donated and in pretty good shape.  All of the money goes towards building new homes for families in Saline County.  I found some great deals, and took advantage of their sale going on: put whatever you want in to a plastic grocery sack, and as long as it closes at the register, you get the entire bag for $2.00!!  I found lots of little goodies, including a glass candle stick and a plate that I will be making a pretty little serving plate out of.  Note: hot glue does not work to attach glass to ceramic (lesson learned, off to get glass specific super glue tomorrow!).  I also got two ceramic soup bowls with lids.  Unfortunately, one of them had a run in with my tile floor in the kitchen already, so I guess I will only have one to use.  I also found two cute shelves.  One I will use in my craft room closet, and pictures will come after it gets a couple of coats of paint.  The other I hung in my living room to display some of my favorite treasures from the wedding.  

I'm debating whether or not to paint it, but I think I like it the way it is.  I was going to paint it the same color as the trim throughout the house, but I'm having second thoughts now that I see it on the wall.  The bottom center you can see the two figurines that were our cake toppers.  The man, of course, has a golf bag, and the woman has a nurses hat on (medical field, close enough).  On the left shelf there are two vintage salt and pepper shakers that are painted like slot machines and show the old downtown Vegas.  On the right shelf there is a little bell that I got right before we left to come home, and the top G I found at Michaels for $1.50!

This picture shows the whole wall.  To the left is a canvas print of a picture that I had made just recently.  It is of Tim and I and both of our parents inside the wedding chapel right after we were married.  I think they all go together nicely, and I prefer it much more than just the blank wall.  Of course Macy was there to supervise the whole project!!


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