Friday, September 21, 2012

Hey everyone!! Well Cooper is now 27 weeks and three days along on his growing journey! No pictures this week, but since I've graduated to every two weeks appointments (read-I have to be awake and looking decent before noon) you will get a happy little bump picture next week!!

Worked a little more on the nursery this week. Want to see some pictures?

The curtains are not finished yet. I'm silly and made them too short so when ever I get the motivation I'll be adding some of that navy blue chevron you see on the chair to the bottom.

I've also only seen two out of the six bumpers for the crib! I might need to get going on that!! I ran out of ties which is why the project got put on hold. But since I've rectified that by purchasing more bias tape, I need to get started!!

Projects still in the works? Gallery wall. Book shelves. Mobile!

Hope you enjoy the bright sunny nursery as much as I do!! One of my favorite places in the house now!


Audra said...

Nursery is looking good!!! Love it!

Leslie Andersen said...

I think the too-short curtains were a good mistake, because they will look even more awesome with the contrasting strip on the bottom! I love the elephant fabric.

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