Thursday, September 6, 2012

This week is my 25th week of pregnancy, and I can't even believe it!  The first 22-23 weeks were sooo slow and were just dragging by.  I really felt like my pregnancy would never end!  Now it seems to be picking up slightly, and it seems unreal that little man is already 25 weeks along.  I can't wait to finally meet him and see his little face!!  He sure does a lot of working out and jumping jacks in there, so I know hes getting big and strong.  Next week at my doctor appointment I have to do the dreaded glucose tolerance test.....ICK!!  Hopefully I pass.  And then I stop my monthly appointments and actually start going every two weeks!  Weird it is already time for that!

Want to see a few pictures of the nursery coming along??

We are far from finished, but I don't think I can keep you waiting any longer :)

This is my fancy new chair I showed you before.  Now it has a cute table next to it and that blanket with the minky on it that I made!  In this picture you can also see the curtains which at this point are unfinished.  The navy chevron from the blanket will be added to the bottom of the curtains to make them a little bit longer.  

Here is the fabulous dresser that we ended up getting from friends and neighbors of my parents.  They have moved to a different state and were trying to find a new home for this! We were happy to take it, and I think it looks great in the room!

And, looky there!  There is little man's name!!!  He is officially Cooper James!  I can't wait to get those letters hung up over the dresser :)

See the little lamb up there too?  Well, that is baby lamb.  That is the lamb that I have had since I was born, and it has always been my favorite stuffed animal.  Unfortunately she met up with Cruz one day and Cruz kind of destroyed her......well my amazing mother got some new fabric and completely remade her!!  She is so wonderful :)

Also, that basket on the ground there is a handmade woven basket made in Ghana.  The navy and yellow fibers in it look great with the colors in the room!

Next week maybe I will show off the bedding I have been working on!!  Bumpers aren't very hard to make, but are a little time consuming!  I also only made half of the ties that I I need to go over to Hobby Lobby and grab some more bias tape :)

Have a great weekend everyone, and Go HOGS!! Woo Pig Sooie!


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