Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, due to the southern "Snowmagedon" of 2011, Tim and I left Savannah this morning a day early (after pressing the snooze button on the alarm from 6:30-8:30).  We decided that it would probably be best if we didn't go back the way we came (via Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis).  Looking at the weather now that was probably a wise choice since those cities are now getting snow!!  

So, we took the southern route down to Jacksonville, Fl, and we are currently in Mobile, Al.  We wanted to stop and eat some yummy food in Pensacola, but it seems to be closed for the winter, and there were no restaurants open!!  It was so wonderful seeing the ocean, however, and it was awesome putting up a picture on facebook to make all of our friends back home in the snow jealous!  After that, we continued on to Mobile! We got here just as the rain did, and we are glad we aren't still driving in this!!  Hopefully we can wait out the storm, and after a few hours of sunshine tomorrow the roads will be drive-able (and the crazies will all be at home!!).  Tomorrow we will head to Hattiesburg, Jackson, and then up to Arkansas.  Should be home in time for Tim to watch the National Championship football game (which I know nothing about....but I'm a very supportive girlfriend so I'm making sure we are home for that!!).  

Last night we went to a great restaurant named Rocks on the River, which was (shocking, I know) on the river!  It was GREAT food, and once again we both ate so much we were uncomfortable!!  We had delicious chili cheese fries that were piled high with chili and pulled pork BBQ, and deliciously flavored peel-and-eat shrimp for appetizers.  For our entrĂ©es, Tim and shrimp and grits and I had a yummy tomato-basil-olive oil shrimp linguine.  We ate way too much.  However, it was a great last night of our trip, and we had great company to share it with!!  I love Tim's cousins, and it will be nice to know someone when I move down there!  

So, for now we are warm and cozy in the Holiday Inn, and watching the Green Bay/Philadelphia game.  We might go down to the hotel restaurant a little later for some dinner.  I'm afraid to go anywhere else because I don't want to brave the weather!!

Hopefully my next update will be when I am safe and warm in my little condo back in Little Rock.  I am kind of wishing I had left the heat turned up a little higher when I left...I have a feeling its pretty chilly in there right now!!


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