Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well, we made it to Savannah at about 7:30 pm on Thursday night.  We got to the condo that we are staying it.  The owner of the house is this wonderful French lady named Claudia.  She showed us to our room, and it is wonderful!  After settling in, we walked across the street to this cute little pub called the Crystal Beer Parlor.  Even on a Thursday night at 8:30, we still had a 20 minute wait, so we knew the food was probably delicious!  We were right.  Tim and I shared crab cakes and fried shrimp, onion rings, and mashed potatoes!  Yummy.  Also, Tim tried a few of the local beers, he really liked them.  After that we just came back to our room and fell asleep--we were both exhausted from the drive!!

That brings us to Friday!  After sleeping in, we got up and I got ready for my interview.  Before Tim dropped me off at the hospital, we drove over to Whitemarsh Island (pronounced "Whit"marsh, I was corrected).  I showed him the Island Tree Apartments which is where I would like to live.  Super cute apartments with screened in porches, and a salt water pool, and tennis courts!  Its only about a 10 minute drive from the apartment complex to the hospital, where Tim dropped me off.  

When I got there I met with the director (Linda) and the manager (Palmer) of the respiratory department.  We talked briefly about what I wanted to do for my internship and then Linda had to go teach a CPR course. Palmer then took me around and showed me the hospital.  He is hilarious and couldn't figure out how (or why) I would move from Colorado to Arkansas...and now to Georgia!  He showed me the emergency room, the ICU's, and the neonatal ICU.  I got to meet a lot of the therapists that work there and Palmer kept telling everyone that I was going to be doing my internship there and then working there! After about an hour, Palmer got called to the operating room (to give a racemic epi treatment to someone who had been extubated and now had stridor.....).  Linda wasn't going to be done with her CPR course for another hour, so I had Tim come pick me up.  

We went to a place called Ta Ca which is a yummy Japanese place.  We ate way too much food (a theme on this trip) and we went back to our condo for a nap.  I had plans to go back to the hospital to meet with Linda again at 3.

When I went back, we started talking about the job.  She told me she really was excited that I was coming for my internship and that I would definitely be able to work while I am here and then move into a full time position after graduation.  So, I will be working part time, probably only two days a week, while I am here for my internship (I will be in the internship 3 days a I will be doing 5 12hour shifts per week total).  I couldn't be more excited!! For my internship I will be doing half of it in the adult cardiovascular ICU and the other have in the neonatal ICU/labor and delivery!! I am so excited about this.  They have slightly different equipment than what I have been trained on, but a lot of stuff that I already know all about and have been using clinically since the start of the program.  

After the interview, I came back to the condo and we got ready to go walk around.  We are staying right downtown (the Historic District) and so you can walk anywhere.  We walked to City Market (for my Colorado friends, think Pearl Street in Boulder) where we were going to meet Tim's cousin, Caitlin.  After we met up with her we went to this wonderful Italian place called Corleone's.  All three of us were stuffed by the time we left! She kindly drove us back to our condo and both Tim and I went right to sleep.  

What a great start to the weekend!   


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