Saturday, April 21, 2012

And emotional lows. That's how my past week has been. I have hit the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. My emotions are on a serious roller coaster and it's getting hard to hold on.

Big changes are coming for me, and it's been pretty hard to grasp on to. I have had a lot of nervous energy that I've had to release. Unfortunately I have a tendency to make my nervous energy in to a bad mood. The victims of tonights bad mood were my poor husband and my two dogs. Poor Cruz even got his crate banished to the far corner of his room so he has to be alone.

I'm so mean. I actually disappoint myself in how I act.

Well, after I was mean to the pups and sadly my husband, they all wanted to go to sleep just to get away from my wrath. So I came out to the living room so the steam could leave my ears freely. I decided to put my energy to use.

Tomorrow (well actually today, since it's 12:12 am) is the Little Rock blogger meet up hosted my! The only thing we were asked to bring is business cards for the other 24 people at the meet up. I procrastinated finishing mine until today, so I used my energy to complete the project.

Hope everyone likes them! I will be posting about the lunch some time Sunday or Monday! It will be a blast just like the last one and I can't wait!!


Holly said...

Hi Suzy! Looks like you let all the steam out before the meet up today because you seemed to be in great spirits. Your comment about reading and liking my blog made my day! Thank you so much! And congratulations on your good news!

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