Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, I learned a valuable lesson the other day.  The dogs cannot be trusted around freshly planted anything.  They are too curious and have this horrible habit of digging.  No matter how many times I scold them or squirt them with the water hose, the inevitable will occur.  

I had great intentions for planting this year.  We are just getting established in our home that we bought last summer.  In an attempt to eat healthy, we wanted to try growing our own herbs!  

I planted cilantro, green onion, chives, and sweet basil from seeds.  I was so proud of myself!!  I also planted a cute little green pepper plant.

Adorable, right??

Okay, well like I said before I tried so hard to keep Macy and Cruz away from them.  The plants needed full sun and the back yard is the only place that happens around here, so I was desperate to keep them away!  Well, it seemed like every time they went outside the first thing they did was run to the green pepper plant and grab a leaf.  So we moved the plant to the front yard, thinking the other pot was okay.  The people at the nursery told me that dogs don't like herbs because they don't taste very good to them.  So I left it there.  

And then I found this.

Oh well!!  No herbs for us this year.  I will try again when they learn their manners.


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