Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well, it finally arrived!  This past Saturday EK Success hosted the second annual Craft Gossip Fork and Talk lunch!!  You may remember me posting about this a few days ago, and I had shared photos from the last one!  I had such an amazing time and I wanted to tell you about it!!  Thanks to the Flikr account that was set up, my photos are from other amazing photographers :)

Of course, first things first.  We all went around and introduced ourselves.  We talked about what blog we have and what we craft about.  Here I am sharing some pretty exciting news with my crafty friends (official announcement coming soon)!  Also, you may notice, that I got to sit next to my good friend Leslie who I met at the last lunch!  She and I have kept in touch since then and have even done a swap together!

My iPhone came in handy as well during the lunch.  One of the crafters, Ms Jeanne, was at home sick in bed with pneumonia and couldn't make it to lunch.  Instead of leaving her out of the fun, we Skyped her!!  One of the editors had brought a laptop to Skype with, but it would only show video of her, not video of all of us!  Well, I just happen to have Skype on my phone so we decided to try it out!  Well, we couldn't see her, but at least she could see all of us!!  It was so fun to be able to include her!

While we didn't play as many fun games as the last time, we still split up as tables to compete for some prizes.  The game this year was to decorate the editor that was sitting at your table!  Scarlett was our editor, and she looked pretty spiffy after our makeover!  No Fork and Talk Craft Gossip editor is complete without some FORK earrings!  I think that's what made our table WIN!! Wahoo!!  I was not on the winning team last year, so I was a proud member this time!  

After all the fund and games and lunch of course, we finally got to grab our goodie bags!  Ms Denise told us that the items inside had a retail value of $253!!!  EK Success sure does know how to spoil some crafters!! Looking through these bags was really like Christmas morning!!  

The individual craft that we got to do was an embroidery project.  We got a kit that you embroidered your very own coffee cup cozy and coaster!  Let me tell you right now, I am not very good at embroidery.  Just look at the concentration on my face while trying to read those directions!!  Luckily EK Success makes those kits so easy to follow and in no time I was stitching away!!  Unfortunately I had to scoot on over to work and didn't finish this project in one sitting.  I do have high hopes in finishing and will post a picture when I do!  

I had such an amazing time!  Thank you so much to EK Success, Trios Restaurant, and Craftgossip.com!!  And of course to the amazing editors for hosting, Denise, Scarlett, Anne, and Stacie!  I hope to see you all very soon.  Lets make this get together bi-annual!!!


Holly said...

great review Suzy! I enjoyed meeting up with everyone again this year!

Anne said...

Thanks for coming to our meet-up! It was so cool to see returning faces!!

Thank you for coming to our rescue with your fancy phone so we could Skype in Jeanne!


Jeanne Gwin said...

Thank you for taking the time to include me in Fork and Talk. It was so very sweet of you. We will visit more later. Check out my blog for my take on Fork and Talk from my bed! Jeanne

Leslie Andersen said...

It was great seeing you again, Suzy! I had more fun this time because I knew you and a few other bloggers, and the editors, from the first meet-up. See you next time!

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