Sunday, April 15, 2012

My very first award!!!
This week Leslie from Leslies Art And Sew gave me the Liebster Blog Award, and I am so honored!!

I hadn't heard of this before, but it is a way for bloggers to help draw attention to other small blogs with fewer viewers.  Seeing how I have.....18.....I think I fit!!  I am always trying to come up with new ways to get my blog out there, so this is so wonderful!!

There are a few things I am obligated to do by accepting this award:
1.  Thank the person who have you the award.
2.  Link back to their blog.3.  Copy and paste the Liebster award to your profile.4.  Pick 5 blogs that you feel deserve to be in the spotlight (they must have 200 followers or under).5.  Blog about it and leave a comment for your nominations to let them know that you have chosen their blog.

Here are my nominations!

1.  Sara at Sans Limites Crochet - I am totally inspired by Sara.  We are from the same town in Colorado, we both love to dance, and share the love of yarn and hooks!  

2.  Meara at Meara Meara Off The Wall - This lovely lady is a Nurse, a Navy wife, and most recently a Momma!  She lived down the hall from me freshman year of college, and I love keeping up with her blog.  She does some pretty creative stuff too when shes not busy loving on Princess Paige!

3.  Jennifer at Bella Kates - I love all of the projects she does and I always look forward to reading her blog!

4.  Megan at Edgehill Pointers - We got our youngest pup, Cruz, from these folks, and I love keeping up with whats going on!  Not really about crafts, but breeding beautiful amazing pointers is pretty impressive!!  

5.  The Ladies at Hello Ladies - I met Mandy at last years Craft Gossip Fork and talk, and have been following their blog since!  Right now they are doing fun projects for a new baby!

I hope you go check out their blogs!!  

Thanks again, Leslie, for this wonderful award!!


LimeRiot said...

I found your blog via Leslie's post! Happy to be here and look forward to getting to know you better :). I'l have to check out the blogs you linked to. I think they are all new to me.

Meara O. said...

Thanks for the nomination, Suzy! I appreciate it :) Hope you get some more followers-you deserve them, you crafty girl!!! :)


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