Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well, today marks 16 weeks of this lovely journey of pregnancy.

I don't know if you can catch the sarcasm in that statement or not, but let me assure you, it is there.

Since I found out I was pregnant, these are the basic events that have occurred:

1.  Had "morning sickness nausea" that lasted about a week.

2.  Puking started.

3.  Puking continued.

4.  Puking happened 3-4 times per day.

5.  16 pound weight loss in about 8 weeks.

6.  Emergency room trip to get re-hydrated at 12 weeks.

7.  No puking for 5 days.

8.  Puking starts again.

9.  Puking continues.

10.  Feel okay, gain about 3 pounds.

11.  Puking gets worse.

12.  Lose the 3 pounds.

13.  Start feeling close to passing out multiple times.

14.  Back to the ER for more re-hydration.

And that puts us at this afternoon.

Needless to say, baby and I just aren't getting along very well.  I have been on almost a complete crafting hiatus, which makes my little crafty heart oh-so-sad.  However, when you have absolutely zero energy, that tends to happen!  I haven't even been in my craft room in weeks.  I have grand ideas for this baby's nursery. However I still haven't even cleared all of the boxes out of the room!  I know I've got a while, but all of you crafty people should understand that I just want to get started and have a perfect little sanctuary for little one when it finally arrives.

When I was feeling better, I did happen to stop by my local Yarn Shop and pick up some yummy Bambucle that was on sale.  I have kind of started crocheting a blanket, but it has a while to go.

I've been very proud that I have been finding some great deals on baby gear, and already have lined up a crib, stroller, car seat, pack n' play, swing, etc. etc.  Haven't paid full price for any baby gear yet!

I will show off this cute little picture I took last Tuesday, which was my 15 week mark:

If you had seen pictures of me before, you can probably notice the significant weight loss that occurred.  But last week was the first week that the bump started poking out!  I think it will be easier to get more excited as the baby keeps growing, whether or not I am feeling better.

Today while I was in the emergency room we checked for the baby's heart beat, just to make sure everything was okay.  I don't know if I was just really tense (at the same moment, someone was stabbing me in the arm to start my IV) but it took a good five minutes for her to find the heart beat.  It really freaked me out, and got me worried that something was wrong.  But baby was just hiding wayyyyyy over towards my right hip bone where she finally found it.  It was very strong, so that gave me a lot of peace of mind.  It is hard to think that the baby is doing okay when I have been so sick.  My doctor reassures me that baby will get whatever it needs from me, especially because I was healthy pre-pregnancy.  My potassium was pretty low today when they ran my electrolytes, but not low enough for them to hospitalize me.  That explains the funny cramps I've been having in my uterus-type-area, the ER doc said.  Glad to know those cramps waking me in the middle of the night weren't contractions like I thought they were!

In other news, GREAT news in fact, my husband just got hired on at our local Fire Department!  I couldn't be more proud of him, and am so glad that he finally gets to do something he is passionate about!  No more working in foreclosures kicking people out of their homes!!  Only thing that I am bummed about is the fact that he has to leave for training school starting at the end of this month....and he will be gone until Mid-October.  He will be able to come home on weekends, so I will be able to see him Saturdays before work, and Sundays until he has to go back (training is about a 2-3 hour drive away).

Anyways, thanks for letting me update.  I will try to update more, and not wait another 6 weeks before posting!  Check back for a post about the super cute maternity shirt I bought!!  You'll just love it.


LimeRiot said...

Your little bump is looking adorable! I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick and miserable but glad the docs are giving you the thumbs up.

Congrats to your hubby too!

Keep us posted on that bump ;). Take care!

Holly said...

All of this misery is so worth it in the end! I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

Leslie Andersen said...

You look great, Suzy, sorry to hear how bad you've been feeling. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts...this is an exciting journey you are on!

Cynthia said...

Sorry about all the sickness and hospitals :( I am excited to see what you have planned for your nursery!

Suzy said...

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments, ladies!!! Makes me feel good!! I feel much better today! Hoping it lasts for a few days!

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