Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hey! Happy 4th of July!  Tonight I got a special treat of going home early from work, so I thought I would share a few pictures.

I was pretty active for a while on a craft site called where you can share your crafts, and actually participate in swaps.  I had a really great time doing it!!  I participated in a few, and the Apron Swap was the last one I did before I started getting really sick.  Since I haven't been doing much of anything while feeling so bad, I haven't been back lately.  But, I'm sure I will swap again in the future!  I wanted to share pictures of the apron that I made for my partner.  I was pretty proud of myself, because since I am still a pretty novice sewer, this was a large project for me to take on.  My partner wanted an apron for gardening with an extra pouch to bring in yummy veggies from her garden.  She also said she wasn't afraid of fun colors!  I headed to my local fabric shop and picked out a few fat quarters:

You will see the other fabrics used in the following pictures, but the green fabric ended up being what I used for the part of the apron that goes against your body, and so I didn't get any good pictures.

Here you can see the expandable pouch that I made!  Both sides are connected with snaps so they can stay shut, or when my partner has bounty to bring inside, its as easy as two snaps and filling up!

My Aunt Ellen gave me a whole bunch of fun sewing stuff at Christmas time, and included in those items were the supplies to add snaps!  This was the first time I tried it out, and it was so easy I couldn't believe it!

And here is the front of the apron!  There are three pockets on the front, a smaller one on each side of a larger pocket!  Hopefully that will be good to keep all of the gardening tools she will need!  The tie I added was a long piece of light brown fabric, it worked out perfectly.

I was pretty impressed with myself, and was glad to get all of the practice using French Seams!

Well, I'm off to go tape off base boards and windows in the nursery!  Hope everyone is having fun BBQ'ing and watching Fireworks!!

Oh, and PS---I feel like a new woman today!  Just like the last time I went to the ER for fluids!!  Nothing like a little bit of hydration!!


Leslie Andersen said...

That is an awesome apron, Suzy, I'm sure your partner is loving it! And it's good to hear that you feel great! I hope the sickness is all behing you now.

Auggie said...

Cute Cute Cute Apron!

New Follower from Arkansas Women Bloggers. Weirdly, we share a friend. I know Sara from high school. Anyway. AGAIN, Cute apron!

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